Pretrial Management

  • Risk Assessments
  • Criminal History Tracking
  • Mental Illness Tracking
  • Employment History
  • Pending Charges
  • Residence Information

Our PreTrial360 Software helps agencies make informed decisions regarding release options for defendants prior to trial and supports effective supervision and compliance monitoring of pre-trial defendants in the community.

Our industry-leading Jail Management Software, Offender360™, is designed to optimize Jail Management operations.

  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Enhance inmate tracking
  • Support efficient resource management

Offender/Jail Management

  • Pre-Booking & Booking
  • Classification Scoring
  • Risk Assessments
  • Commitment Orders
  • Earned Time Credits
  • Victim & Predator Flags

Community Corrections

  • Re-Entry Planning
  • Supervision Management Planning
  • Administrative Sanctions
  • Recidivism Management
  • Risk Assessment

Our Community Supervision Software is designed to enhance the rehabilitation and reintegration of sentenced individuals in the community. Seamlessly track and monitor clients, manage case plans, and facilitate communication between officers, counselors, and community resources to promote successful outcomes and community safety.

Innovative Mobile Apps

Socrates360™ offers a wide range of content and services to your clients and is fully integrated with our award-winning Offender360™ and Pretrial360 solutions.

This highly customizable and powerful combination allows your staff and clients to keep in touch with secure video calls, remote reporting, mobile payments, scheduling and more.

Mobile Services

  • Integrated with Offender360™ and Pretrial360
  • Send messages, appointments and reminders
  • Share documents
  • Accept mobile payments
  • Configurable self-reporting
  • Secure video calls between staff and clients
  • Send and collect forms
  • Schedule court dates and important events
  • Provide health & wellbeing support
  • Secure tablet version for use in jails